Meet Our Team

So this is US! 

Four women bringing together our beliefs in feminity, sustainability and entrepreneurship after a decade in the corporate world from different corners of the globe. We are very excited to embark on this new journey from our home in London. 

Burcu Turkoglu

Burcu is a software engineer who is currently taking a career break after having her second child. She is addicted to learning. She finds her inspirations in the magical world of children's books. Planet Earth became her passion and she is always trying her best to look after it. As very well said by Oliver Jeffers, "it's all we've got".

Camila Forero

Camila grew up in Colombia and was lucky to live in the outskirts of Bogota where her contact with nature was permanent and became her primal source of inspiration for her projects as a Product and Fashion Designer. 

Her passion for discovering new cultures and places has taken her to live in various countries, allowing her to experience how wonderful the world is and how crucial it is that we ALL take care of it.


Emily Lai

Emily is a financial journalist who loves travelling. She enjoys talking to people on the journeys and learning about their stories. Inspired by all the human encounters along the way, she passionately believes that we can all make the planet we share a better place, one step at a time.

Ipek Tetik

Ipek left her career as an advertising director after the birth of her daughter, but being creative has become part of her life and it remains in everything she does. She is very happy to have a chance to combine it with her passion of making the world a better place - because she believes that it is the small details that make the world more beautiful.